Issue: Second  Quarter 2002

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OUR ARCHIVE: Our re-organised Archive is growing. We now have about 60 ages of archive in which you will find many of our past publications. The whole site is growing too with current updates of 230 pages and 120 pictures.


THE FAMILY: We have the 6th edition of Bunmi's Letters from USA in this update. He is excited about the improved energy and communications situation at home and also about the unfolding political events.


IBADAN CHRONICLE: June 29th was a day we will remember always. Pa and Ma Adesina on that day celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary and Pa's 80th birthday with a thanksgiving service in the ultra-modern St. James Cathedral, Oke-Bola, Ibadan. Read all the news in our Ibadan Chronicle.


FORUMS: In the Agricultural Forum of this Update Dr Akin Adesina introduced the new initiative to cut Hunger in Africa.  See "Partnership to Cut Hunger in Africa Conference". 


Similarly, Dr Akin Adesina was a guest preacher at the English Service Section of the 2nd ECWA Church, Ilorin, recently.  Read his sermon on "Don't be a Thermometer Christian. Be a Thermostat Christian!".


Still on Forums, Moyin and Modupe are again our star contributors to the Under 18 Form. Read their stories in "My Best Holiday Ever" by Moyin Oloruntoba and "Do You Know?" by Modupe Oloruntoba.


WASHINGTON BULLETIN: Adeleke Adesina's contribution on Telecommuting is still making waves and so it is still "on". Akin Adesina, a marketing Guru, has suggested that Leke should become a consultant on Telecommuting so that he could make millions selling his skills and ideas in that area of business. Hum!!


COMPUTING: "Create Your Own Screensavers" is a new article from Grandpa on how to make your own screen saver and if you like, make some for sale. Giving reasons why he made his own screensaver, Grandpa said "I think screensavers should be reflective and evocative, that is, capable of bringing back memories or recollections of events and occasions as well as sceneries of beautiful places you’ve visited before. If you have a collection of pictures taken on visits to such places or pictures of family events or family members, you can use them to create unique personal screensavers". 


JOKES APART: We share with you two new jokes in this update. See them in The prognosis and Temperatures.


TIT BITS: A section of the Uganda's army traditionally do not wear trousers. They wear wraparound clothes just as some Scottish regiments in the United Kingdom wear kilts. This has now changed in Uganda with the army command to a particular regiment to wear trousers. Expectedly, many of the troops that are not used to zipped trousers can't attend to the call of nature quickly enough when the need arises. The results are often embarrassing. Read all about this in the story: New Dress Code Divides Uganda Warriors.


That is all for now. We shall be back next quarter with more interesting stories and views. Stay with us!


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