Beans and Corn Meal

Here is one of our family favourite meals for lunch or dinner. It is a delicious meal if well prepared. The children relish it as a full meal and like the left over as snacks. The ingredients required to serve a family of 4 or five, and the method of preparation is as follows:


  • 6 cups of beans (a medium size tea cup will do as the measure)

  • 3 cups of well dried corn

  • 4 medium to large tomatoes

  • 4 large pepper

  • 3 medium size onions

  • 6 table spoonful of palm oil

  • 2 table spoonful of ground chilli pepper

  • 2 table spoonful of ground dry shrimp or crayfish

  • A quarter kilo of smoked fish

  • 4 eggs and half a kilo of meat offal (optional)

  • Salt to taste


  1. Select your beans carefully. Remove and discard weeviled ones. Use well dried corn. Wash the beans and corn well and cook in separate pots. The beans will take longer to cook When both are done put them together in one pot and set on a low stove.

  2. Soak the smoked fish in warm water and remove the skin and bones.

  3. Chip the tomatoes and onions and grind together into a paste.

  4. Break the smoked fish into small lumps and add to the beans and corn. Add the tomato and onion paste as well and stir constantly.

  5. Add the palm oil, ground pepper and crayfish. Let the meal simmer for some time while you continue stirring to avoid burning.

  6. To make the meal richer, boil the eggs hard and use it to garnish the meal. Boil and fry your meat offal and add it to the garnish. ENJOY!


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