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Black Angel


By Onyinye Nwaozor

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Black, to some people, is one colour to avoid, but to fashion buffs this is no doubt, an exclusive colour which stands out. Black is versatile and would blend with almost anything. One way or the other, everyone needs black outfits owing to its uniqueness. It could be a black suit, gown or pair of trousers, skirt, top or whatever. Formerly, it was believed that wearing black was wrong as it represented mourning. However, black suits are loved.

Most people now combine black and black and this combination produces a beautiful sight. In other words, black and black is simply dynamic. Mostly, this combination goes with a different colour of accessories, be they belt, handbag or foot wears. It has also been observed that many people love to put on black clothes because they could be a means of hiding stains that would be obvious on other colours of clothes. Black tends to absorb dirt any time and this has made it the choice of many individuals.

Interestingly, black is an essential commodity for everyone any day, anywhere. When dressing for any occasion, even if you lack a handbag or footwear for use, a simple solution to the problem is black.

Black handbags and footwear would be a beautiful combination with any colour of outfit you choose to wear. With this in mind, it becomes possible for black to make you beautiful at all times.

Photo by Cornelius Oyemade

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