This cartoon entry is about the black market money changing phenomenon in all developing countries. It is an illegal transaction that no Government can stop, so long as the black market money changers give better rates than the Banks and Bureau de Change. (Click the thumbnail to enlarge the image).


Courtesy, The Guardian on Sunday, October 14 2000.


Here are some help in understanding this cartoon:


Scene 1: The Alhaji selling Dollars, offered to give the prospective buyer a good rate.


Scene 2: "Alhaji, how much naira is a dollar now?"

"A hundred and ten naira for one dollar," replied the Alhaji.


Scene 3: "Aren't you sometimes sad at how devalued our currency has become?"


Scene 4: The Alhaji replied, "One man's sadness is another man's fortune. It is because you are not benefiting that you are complaining," said the Alhaji.


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