Cartoon Gallery 9

This cartoon appeared in The Guardian recently. Bunmi said it was one of his old cartoons adapted by The Guardian for the anti-corruption crusade now going on in Nigeria. Until citizens have the energy to revolt against corruption the crusade is a non-starter.

Here are some help in understanding this cartoon:

Two fiends were discussing the issue of corruption in Nigeria.

Scene 1: One friend said, "Corruption has eaten deep into our society... many people have no welfare while some have billions to spend."

The other friend replied: "Fingers are not equal."

Scene 2: The first friend said, "It's time for a revolution. We, the  people, should rise up and fight corruption."

"It's not yet time," said his friend.

Scene 3: "Why?" His friend replied, "On my daily diet of gari and water, I won't have the energy to revolt!"

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