Temptation of Cheese:  

A Short Story by Segun Adesina

Riley and Mickey were mice that lived in a house with very polite people. The house was a modern, good-looking house. The house was white and brown. These two mice have just found out that there is a beautiful restaurant on the other side of the road. In the restaurant was a cheesecake and Riley wanted it badly. Mickey didn't even bother about it. Riley was a gray boy mouse and Mickey was a white boy mouse. 

" Mickey, we're going to that restaurant on the other side of the road" said Riley in a determined way. " Well, dear brother of mine, we can't because the people in the house aren't going to leave tonight" said Mickey. 

" Oh yes they are. They are going to an outing at 8 p.m. and it's almost time." 

" Yeah, but still how can we get outside without being seen?" 

" Easy, we go for it. Who cares about them seeing us". 

" Ok whatever." 

They looked outside their hole to see if the people in the house were leaving, which they were. They ran as quickly as possible before the last person shut the door. They rushed as fast as they could down the hallway. The hallway was sort of slippery and made out of wood. Riley dove for it and made it outside but landed badly. He rolled into some spiky bushes. He was hurt and had some twigs stuck in his fur. Mickey slipped backwards and slid all the way outside. They hid away quickly from the people that came out. When the people drove away, the mice came out of the place where they were hiding. Mickey looked at Riley with all the twigs sticking out of his fur and laughed so hard that he fell on the ground laughing his lungs out. Riley rolled his eyes and just ignored him. 

While Riley was taking out the twigs in his fur, he said " Now, we'll have to cross the road". Mickey stopped laughing when he heard what Riley said. 

" Bro, just one simple question" replied Mickey. "HOW ON EARTH DO WE CROSS THE PATHETIC ROAD?"  

"Hmmm..... good question". 

Riley had an idea to cross the road without getting crushed by vehicles. He looked around and found a black, red toy car. Mickey went inside the covered car and Riley sat on top. Mickey knew what he was supposed to do. Drive. 

" Are you sure about this bro?" Mickey said. 

" Positive." 

Mickey drove the car and was going in all directions. He almost hit the cars and Riley was not scared. He still trusted Mickey who was screaming while he was driving. When they made it a cross the road, Mickey was panting as if he was having an enormous heart attack. 

" Riley, you big hairy freak" he said while panting. " You tried to get rid me right?" 

"Great job" Riley said ignoring what Mickey said. "Now we must...." 

" Shut your big trap." And then he said in a funny voice, " We go into the restaurant, get the cheese and scram home." 

"Right, so lets move." 

They went into the restaurant and quickly went under tables and found the best spot for running in to the kitchen. When the coast was clear they went swiftly into the kitchen. Immediately, they found a place to hide in. The kitchen smelt of chicken and steak. Riley wasn't focusing on what he was doing. He was taking in the smell of the delicious steak until Mickey slapped him over the head hard. 

"Ouch, what was that for dork?" he asked. 

" Look at the beautiful cheesecake". 

They gazed with their cute green eyes on the beloved cheesecake. But then suddenly the master cook was walking in and saw the mice. 


All the cooks tried to smash them but the mice were too quick. They went on the shelves and everywhere. When Mickey and Riley got the cheesecake, the scrammed out of the kitchen door. When the mice got to the main room, the people that were eating screamed and ran to another room. They went out of the restaurant, got the car and drove across the road with the cheesecake and went inside. 

"We made it Mickey, we did it" yelled Riley for joy. 

" Oh right baby." 

Riley took a bite but could not bite through the cheesecake. He bit again and still could not get a bite of cake. 

"Weakling" said Mickey. 

"All right then, you try". 

Mickey bit hard and could not bite through the cake either. On the second try he bit off a piece of cake. He chewed it but it tasted horrible. They never knew and they will never know it was made out of plastic.

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