Issue: Christmas, 2002

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Dear Family Members, Friends and Visitors,


We are glad to send you this Christmas issue. May your Christmas be joyful and may the coming New Year bring you happiness. We have resolved the problems we encountered in hosting our website at Yahoo-Geocities. We'll continue to be at


OUR ARCHIVE have been re-organised and growing. We now have about 154 pages and 60 pictures in the archive. You'll find many of our past publications there. The main site is growing as well. In the current update we have 262 pages and 168 pictures.


THE FAMILY: We have the 8th edition of Bunmi's Letters from USA in this update. He tells us about his first research visit to the Library of Congress. He was excited by the visit just as we were despite the Sniper in the Washington DC area then. Thankfully, according to reports, the Sniper had been apprehended but not until he had shot 10 people dead and wounded 3. 


EXTENDED FAMILY: Leke Adesina joined us again in this issue by providing an article on Relationships. It is a management article you should read. It will surely improve your art of cultivating good relationships all round. We asked Leke's wife, Nike, to contribute an American Recipes we could try for a change! She did and gave us in advance, two secret recipes she planned for her family Thanksgiving Dinner. The recipes are suitable for other occasions too. Try them out.


CHRISTIAN FAMILY FORUM: When Dr. Akin Adesina was asked to give a talk at the conference of the Africa Directors and Leaders of the Prison Fellowship International, held in Harare, Zimbabwe, last October, his first thought was to talk about the strategies for raising money for Prison Fellowships. After all, he works in the corporate world and the fellowship, which is a Non-Governmental Organization, needs to raise money for her operations. But as he prayed, he got the inspiration to talk about "Partnership with God". This he developed into a thoughtful message titled New Partnership with God for African Prisons (NEPGAP). This is a message you should read because we all need to develop a partnership with God. Click the link to find it.


Still in this forum, our friend, Rev. Park Wheat sent us from USA, a story that will amaze you. Read "Who's Your Daddy?" Thank you Park.


OUR UNDER 18s FORUM: Moyin Oloruntoba (11 years old) represented her school in Lesotho at an International athletics competition which took place in Durban, South Africa, in September. The whole family was agog about the event. Moyin has reported it all in her story - The Athletic Trip. She came 4th in long jump and 6th in the100 meters race.  This is an excellent achievement considering that 800 students competed in the athletics. Well done Moyin!!


COMPUTING FOR FUN: There is hardly to our culture. In other cultures, weddings and other social events are done quietly and casually; but our culture demands that we make a good show of them. 


At these get-together events, professional and amateur photographers take hundreds of photographs. You can alleviate the home-sickness of your family members and friends living in those far flung places by sharing with them your collection of photographs taken on these occasions, particularly those you plan for the coming Christmas and New Year seasons. In "Computing for Fun" grandpa's article shows you how to go about it. Click "Share Your Holiday Photos by Email" to learn more.


NEW FEATURES: Two new features are included in this update. The first is our new-look Guest book which is now made public. Meaning - all visitors will see comments and suggestions entered by others. Our feedbacks will also be entered as comments to be seen by all. This eliminates the need for visitors to disclose their email addresses for the purpose of getting a feedback. 


The second feature (you'll like this), is the provision of a Search facility to enable you search the whole of our site. This will be particularly useful for searching our Archive.


TIT BITS: We have two stories in this section that will set you thinking deeply about life. One is the lesson about life a Cherokee Indian gave his grandson. The second is the sayings of Andy Rooney, a man who has the gift of saying so much with so few words. Both were forwarded to us by Akin Adesina, a family member and we think we should share it with you all.

That is all for now. We shall be back in the New Year. Meanwhile, enjoy your holidays!! 



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