Christmas Jollof Rice

This recipe is similar in some ways to the Peppered Chicken Stew (see archive directory ) except that the meat is turkey. The stew is made separately as the first part. The rice, after boiling, is mixed with the stew to form the Jollof rice.

Dressed Christmas turkey, Ground Chilli pepper, Green pepper,
Onions, Fresh Tomatoes/Puree, Maggi or Oxo
Cooking oil, Salt, Long grain rice, plantain, sweet potatoes.

Chop the onions into small pieces. A medium size onion is sufficient for one or two persons. Grind the green pepper, onion and tomato in a grinder. Use both fresh and puree tomato. Add ground chilli pepper and salt to the paste and set it aside. Call this “the paste.”

Cut the dressed turkey into pieces after discarding the head and legs. Cook the cut pieces in a sauce pan. Add two cubes of maggi or Oxo and salt to the meat while cooking. This is important, so that the meat is flavoured and tasteful. Let it cook in plenty of water as the water will be used for the stew later. When the meat is done, take it out of the sauce pan and let the water drain back into the sauce pan.

Fry the turkey pieces with some of the peppered paste, using cooking oil. Here we use groundnut oil, but any vegetable oil will do and preferable to lard or fat oil. Turn round the meat as you fry to avoid burning and to brown up the pieces of turkey. Take all the fried meat out and put it in another sauce pan and keep away by the side of the stove or in the oven to keep warm.

The next thing is to make a peppered turkey stew. Put the remainder of the paste in a sauce pan and add the water used in cooking the turkey. Add also the oil used in frying. Add some more maggi or oxo and boil slowly. Stir frequently to avoid burning. Taste to ensure it is well done and tasteful. Allow to simmer until it thickens. That is the stew.

Next, boil your rice. Add a little salt to the boiling rice. Lower the fire and allow the rice to cook slowly. Add the peppered turkey stew and allow to simmer until all the water has dried up. Now you have the Jollof Rice. Serve garnished with fried plantain and fried sweet potatoes.


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