Cleveland, here we come!! Our coverage of Cleveland is long overdue bearing in mind that it is a sort of rendezvous for many of our family visitors to the US. Bunmi spent two long months there on his arrival in the US before going up to RegentU. The AkinYemisis spent six long weeks of holidays there last summer. It is not only the hospitality of LekeNike and Roland Jnr that drew them to Cleveland. It must be the climate and environment as well. Bunmi said it all when he wrote: "The flight to Hopkins airport in Cleveland (from JFK) was bumpier because the plane was smaller. From the air, one can see the city of Cleveland stretched inland from the sea. It's very flat and everything looks brown. The landscape must be the reason for the incredible gusts of wind and coldness. Even their football team is called the Cleveland Browns".

Two pictures from our family album will start-up the Cleveland bulletin. The first is that of the LekeNike family taken shortly after Roland Jnr. was born on May 13th 2000. The second on the right is Roland Jnr himself. He weighed 8 pounds,11 ounces at birth and so cute in this picture. He is of course a much bigger and naughty boy now. Bunmi had to fix locks to all of Nike's cupboards to keep him away from turning things upside down. We are delighted to bring these pictures back to memory. To see the larger versions click the thumbnails. Meanwhile, we hope to get Tit Bits from LekeNike for this page. The Webmaster welcomes these Clevelanders to the Family Website.

(This story was written before LekeNike and Roland Jnr. moved from Cleveland to Washington, District Columbia. From the next issue, we will rename this page "Washington DC Bulletin".

ęSanya Oloruntoba, Family Webmaster, 2000-2005