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Cocos nuciferaz Recipes

The corn (maize) season is here in the middle-belt of Nigeria and will last through June to August. Many Nigerians abroad who relish the eating of boiled corn on the cob with coconut as snacks, when they were at home, may feel home sick. But they need not be. Here is a corn/coconut recipe you can prepare any where you may be in the world. And more - we show you how to make the coconut milk used for other recipes.


Coconut is botanically known as cocos nuciferaz. It is rich in iron and potassium and also high in calcium and phosphorous, but considerably low in fat and rich in nutrients like vitamins A, B, and C. All these add up to the fact that it is a very nutritious and non-fating food item.

Corn on cob Coconut Snack

Making Coconut Milk


One medium size coconut.

Fresh corns on the cob as required.



1. Select fresh corns on the cob. Corn that are still in the milky stage are preferred. Prepare them for boiling by removing the green covers and tassels. Break each cob into pieces of about 6 inches long which can go into a medium sized aluminum pot for boiling. Sprinkle a little salt on them, add water and boil. Test if they are done by piercing with a fork. When done, drain off the water and leave the pot by the side of the oven to keep warm.

2. Select a medium size coconut. Break it up and remove the white meat with a blunt knife. Wash in cold water. Slice the washed coconut meat into half inch thick pieces. Wash again with drinkable water.

3. Serve the boiled corn with the coconut slices. The corn is eaten with the pieces of coconut slices. The mixed taste of corn and coconut is delicious.


-- Locally you can get the fresh corn on cobs in local markets. We usually make trips to nearby farms at week ends to buy directly from the farmers. In that way we get the best selections cheaply.

-- Abroad you can get fresh corn on the cob these days from large chain supermarkets. If in London, try the Safeway supermarkets.

Making Coconut Milk>>>

Coconut milk is needed for making many coconut based foods. Although you can buy imported coconut milk from Brazil or Thailand in supermarkets, it is good to learn how to make some yourself.


-- Select a good coconut. Shake it well to hear the water in it moving. This is one sign of a good product. Crack it open with a hammer or heavy object. Remove the white meat with a blunt knife and slice it to bits.

-- Grate the pieces.

-- Mix the grated coconut with one or two cups of water. Pour into a fine sieve to separate the milk. We usually put the remaining coconut meat that cannot pass through the sieve into a liquidiser to grind it more and pass it again through the sieve.

-- Finally, to get more milk out of the meat, put the liquidised meat in a clean dish cloth and squeeze out the milk. Discard the rest of the meat.

Use of Coconut Milk

You can preserve your coconut milk in a refrigerator and use it as you like in the following food preparations:

-- Coconut Sauce for your breakfast yam, dish.

-- Use some in you soup for boiled rice dish etc.

-- You can use some to mix the ingredients for a local pudding called Moyin Moyin and another snack - "Coconut Candy".

In all these, the aroma of the coconut milk will make the food more appetising and enjoyable.

Try it.

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