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Collections 9: A peep into the family albums (Yinka and Bisi's albums)

1. An old picture of Akin Adesina with a plate full of Nigerian food. Photo: Yinka Oloruntoba, 2000. 2. Bimbo, Femi and Bisi at Moyin's birthday. Photo: Yinka Oloruntoba 1990. 3. Yinka's girls crammed into the back seat of his car - to school. Photo: Yinka, January 2006.
4.Old school mates: L-R, Bolaji Ige, Kayode and Bunmi. Photo: Yinka Oloruntoba 1992.. 5. Bisi in the Snow, UK Winter 2006. New comers like the snow!. 6.Bisi at home - UK 2006.

The first four of this collections were dug up by Yinka from his albums, while the last two were sent by Bisi Oloruntoba from the UK in the winter of 2006. Dig up your albums and send us more interesting pictures.

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