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Cultural Export

75 per cent of African Slaves were Nigerians

by Nkechi Oyedika

As reported in The Guardian of November 17, 2005



A startling revelation of how Nigerians of productive age were taken to Europe in the wake of the slave trade was made in Abuja yesterday. According to the Culture and Tourism Minister, Frank Ogbuewu, 75 per cent of Africans who were sold as slaves came from Nigeria.


Ogbuewu, said in Abuja during a courtesy call on him by Portugal's Secretary of State Foreign Affairs, Joab Gomes Garinbo, that this explained why most of the cultural activities practiced in other parts of the world were similar to those of Nigeria.


He told the Portuguese Secretary who was accompanied by the country's Ambassador to Nigeria that Nigeria had diverse cultures that could be exploited by Portugal to advance its cultural sector


Ogbuewu assured the delegation of Nigeria's co-operation towards establishing firm cultural relations, stressing that the relationship would be of immense benefit to both countries.


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