"In partnership, we can cut hunger in Africa. Cutting hunger will transform Africa".

"Over the past 18 months, a broad coalition of activists, technical experts, business people, scholars, private voluntary organizations, and political leaders from across Africa and the United States have met to craft a new approach to cutting hunger and poverty on the continent. The Partnership to Cut Hunger in Africa met in Washington on June 25 and 26 to review and debate the strategic framework and action plan that grew out of those efforts".

"Partnership to Cut Hunger in Africa" is a new organization you'll be reading about in the popular media in the next few months. The quotation above, taken from the first two paragraphs of "The Washington Proclamation on Cutting Hunger and Poverty in Africa" explains, in a nutshell, what it is all about. Both the proclamation and several other papers presented at the conference are available on the Partnership website. In this update of the Agricultural Forum on Oloruntoba Family website, we bring to you four addresses to the conference that are of great significance in understanding the purpose and objectives of a Partnership which, hopefully, will change the face of Africa for good, in the years to come.

(1) The first is the Text of President Jimmy Carter's Video Tape Welcome address to the conference.

(2) Immediately after Carter's welcome address, Dr Akin Adesina, a member of the Technical Committee of the Partnership, presented his address on Summary of African Consultation Process. In addition to his numerous tasks, Dr. Akin Adesina is also the Coordinator for our Agricultural Forum on this family website. About his family and his work, click More ...

(3) The third address was on Perspective of African Consultation Coordinator presented by Dr. J.J. Otim, Special Advisor on Agricultural and Veterinary Services to President Musevini of Uganda.

(4) The Address by Dr. Ango Abdullahi, Special Advisor on Food Security to the President of Nigeria, will be of interest to our Nigerian visitors to this website. Nigeria is one of the five-case study countries of the Partnership. Others are Ghana, Mali, Mozambique and Uganda.

To read the full proceedings of the conference and other valuable papers presented, go to the Partnership website at <> Bookmark this site and visit it as often as you could to get current updates about the activities of the Partnership.

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