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A Future Nigerian Airways Stewardess

I was  flying from Lagos to London on a Nigerian Airways plane sometime in the 1990s. About four hours into the flight came an announcement over the loud-speakers. "Is there any medical doctor on board? Please come over to the business class compartment."

Four men with stethoscopes on their shoulders and pockets rushed forward. Then came another announcement. "Please, what we need are gynecologist doctors. A lady is going to have a baby."

We noticed that three of the doctors returned to their seats and as they came back, up went another announcement. "Thank you, what we need now are experienced midwives."

Three ladies in their fifties, also carrying stethoscopes, moved forward and a little later the doctor returned to his seat behind us. We over heard him telling his companions, "I am a consultant gynecologist. What she really need is the help of midwives."

A couple of hours went by and as we were preparing to land, there was another announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen, please remain in your seats while the ambulance removes the lady who had an emergency child birth a while ago", adding jokingly, "it is a baby girl - a future Nigerian Airways stewardess."

The plane landed and came to a stop at the terminal buildings. As the lady boarded her ambulance, up went loud roars of cheers and congratulations from Nigerians on board to the mother of the future Nigerian Airways stewardess. You can trust Nigerians to Cheer wildly when one is needed and that was one occasion it was really needed!!

[Forworded by Agricola].

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