New dress code divides Uganda warriors

A new dress code imposed on Karamajong warriors in Uganda's north-east is causing resentment and some embarrassment. 

The military is forcing the men to wear trousers instead of their usual cloth wraparounds, under which they have been accused of concealing weapons.

But most of the warriors have never worn pants or shorts before ad have reportedly run into embarrassing and awkward delays trying to unzip their trousers, with unfortunate consequences in answer to call of nature.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the dress code was imposed by the Army's 3 rd Division Commanding Officer, Colonel Sula Semakulu, earlier this month.

Residents of Kotido say that when the warriors go on drinking sessions the forget how to unzip their trousers with unfortunate consequences.

" The biggest problem is when the men get drunk, some of them fail completely to remove their trousers when they want to go to the toilet" said Walter Ochero, Kotido District Inspector of Schools.

Some Karamajong have also complained that the trousers have caused blisters on their thighs. "People are complying with the ban but they aren't happy with it", out correspondent said. "They feel they have been singled out. They point out that several other communities around the country, including those in the President Yoweri Moseveni's home in the west, wear wraparound but they haven't been banned from wearing them".

Culled from The Guardian of 28 May 2002, page 10.



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