Assorted Pancakes

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Grandma's Assorted Pancakes

For breakfast, Sanya likes grapefruits followed by a bowl of "All Bran" cornflakes before the main breakfast dish. Our main  breakfast dishes are as follows:-

  • Pancakes, two times a week.

  • Boiled yams with fried or scrambled eggs and sauce, twice a week.

  • Baked beans with fried eggs,  with sweet or Irish potatoes and tomatoes, twice a week.

  • Nigerian porridge (Eko) or Quaker oats porridge, once a week.

To make the pancakes more interesting for us, I decided to vary it as follows:

  • Plain pancakes

  • Lemon pancakes

  • Tangerine pancakes and

  • Orange pancakes.

If your family takes a lot of pancakes as we do, you can delight them by varying it as I do. Here is how.


Plain Pancake:

Ingredient for 2 persons

  • 2 or 3 fresh eggs.

  • 2 cup full of Flour.

  • A teaspoon full of baking powder.

  • A pinch of salt or to taste.

  • One cup of skimmed milk

  • A spoonful of sugar or to taste.

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  • Shift the flour to remove lumps.

  • Break the eggs and mix thoroughly with an egg beater.

  • Make a barter mixture from the  ingredients.

  • Grease the frying pan with a little cooking oil

  • Transfer the barter into a jug, add some hot water to thin as required.

  • Pour some barter into the frying pan on the hot cooker plate.

  • Cook gently and when brown turn it over.

  • Keep warm in the oven before serving.


  1. For Lemon pancakes -- squeeze some lemon juice on the prepared pancake before serving.

  2. For Tangerine pancakes -- squeeze some tangerine juice on before serving.

  3. For Strawberry pancakes -- take a spoon full or two of strawberry jam and spread it on the pancake when it is still hot.

  4. For honey pancakes spread some on the cooked pancake before serving.

  5. Orange pancakes are a little different. You need to get some grated orange rinds and mix the rind with the batter before cooking in the frying pan. To get a good rind, wash a ripe orange and dry it with a clean kitchen cloth. Place your grater on a bowl and grate the rind which is the part you usually peel off the orange. ENJOY.

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