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This site is about the Nigerian cultures seen through the eyes of a Nigerian family - the Oloruntoba family resident in Kwara State of Nigeria. The State is fondly called the "State of Harmony" and the State Capital Ilorin, is the "Gateway" between the North and the South of the country. 


We offer on this site, unique insights of Nigerian cultures in relation to her agriculture, arts, family norms, lifestyles, folklores, geography, history, and home making. To relate these to the different cultures around the world, we invite people and

families in  other lands, who are interested in cultural values, to visit us regularly so that we can learn from each other. We believe that the understanding of the way of life of peoples around the world is one good way to preserve world peace and harmony.

You'll find on this website, much of value in the Nigerian Cultures as you read about the Oloruntoba Family. Click the links on top to access the various sections of the site starting with the Highlights of the current updates.  

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We've provided in our site  some useful web components including a Guestbook and a Contact page to let our visitors do the following tasks from within the site:

(1) Search the Internet for information.

(2) Make comments in our Guestbook or send your comments by email and get a feedback like this.

A word about our Archive. It contains selections of our past issues of newsletters, recipes, folklores, and other stories. It has grown very large in size and to preserve the rich contents that we have assembled there over the years, we decided to keep both the main site and the archive together on this site with its generous space. We will endeavour to update the site as frequently as possible. After each major update, a newsletter will be issued to indicate important changes and additions. The Newsletter will be published here and also sent by email to all visitors whose addresses are known to us. Direct subscribers will also get their copies by email.

How To Contact Us...

Our Current Newsletter...

To subscribe to the email version of our newsletter, go to the Contact Us page, click the animated email logo there to lunch your default email client and insert SUBSCRIBE in the subject field. If you've been inadvertently included in our mailing list and want to un-subscribe, insert REMOVE in the subject field of your email. Your email address will be promptly removed. Our newsletter for this update is Christmas 2006, Newsletter. It highlights two new articles on the fashion trends for women dress making in Nigeria. The articles are on the use of Ankara dress materials and the the use of black dress materials which were before "taboos". All these are in the Arts and Culture section.

 We hope you'll enjoy your visit and stay with us for an exciting and unique cultural exchange contact with

A Nigerian Family on the web. 

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