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36. 31 January 2006

My Dear Bani,

I have just sent you a message through your website!  A very great advantage of having a website, especially if your name is B S Oloruntoba, of which there are few in the world.  I was delighted to see a picture of you taken at a wedding last year and you are looking just the same as ever!  But your grand-children are growing, both in number and stature!  


I cannot remember when we were last in touch.  It must be three or four years ago.  Had I moved to Laos?  There is much to tell, but I am presently bowed down under the weight of things that MUST BE DONE!  I shall write again with some more news before too long, but more especially if I hear from you, in reply.

All the very best and warmest wishes  


Dear Mike,

What a small world we live in!. We met last in London in the summer of 2001 I think. It was before you moved away from the UK.

Yes, there is much to discuss and to catch up on each other's life. But first, let me tell you that I have retired from working life. I retired from the board of the Nigerian German Chemicals (formerly Hoechst) after reaching the age of 70. Then two years ago, the French and Nigerian partners of SEEPC (manufacturer of livestock feeds) decided to sell off the company.


I am now 77 and living quietly as a Grand Papa in Ilorin. Elizabeth and I often remember you and Jean and wondered where you were. Thank you for letting us know that you are in Laos.

37. July 3, 2006

Dear Barnabas,

Thank you very much for the web address for your family website.  It was great learning about your family and this also gave me great insight into the Nigerian culture.  I was born and raised on a farm and so I can appreciate the article about the cassava, as well as your interest in agriculture.

I see Yinka as one of the rising stars of orthopaedic surgery in Africa.  He has a heart for his patients and does talk about things, but he is very action oriented and he has started SIGN programs in three countries besides the country where he is residing now.  We look forward to our visit and having discussion with him about how orthopaedists can be advanced.  We also look forward to having him at our SIGN conference.

IGN: Creating Equality of Fracture Care Throughout the World

Please visit our website today <>


Lewis G. Zirkle, Jr., M.D., President and Founder

Dear Dr Lewis Zirkle,

Thank you for visiting our family website. Yinka  has spoken very highly of SIGN and we are glad that the President and Founder has visited our home on the Internet. It is an amateurish site even though I call myself the "Family Webmaster".

Yinka's page as well as those of his sisters and brother are not updated as often as I would like them to be. All the same, the site gives some background information of our family interests as well as insight of Nigerian cultures and it helps to keep in touch with our friends.

We have put you on our mailing list to receive our periodic updates newsletters.


38. Dr Kehinde wrote:

Hello Sir,

Greetings from God's own country where I am sitting right now by your son, Yinka. He told me of your site and I am really impressed. Most old folks don't know anything about computers not to talk of having a website for their family. Keep it up sir. Ki olorun fun yin ni emi gigun ki e le se pe (Yoruba, meaning may God grant you long life to continue).

Greetings too to grandma and that i'll copy some of her recipe for my wife. One more thing, Ipekere is plantain fritters?

I want to introduce a web host to you: <>

They are the best in the world: 250gb of storage, 3Gb of traffic/month, no nag, no ads and a good forum: You'll love it Sir. They are also the host of my website <>. I'll put a link to your website on me soon.

Best regards


I have just returned from your website. It is a professional one compared with mine which is amateurish. Thanks for contacting me.

You said Yinka is there with you. Say hi to him for Mum and I.

Our family website is hosted free at But it is growing rapidly and will soon grow beyond the allowed 20MB. I am looking for a safe host and your host, with its unbelievable free 250meg space, with no banner adverts, seems ideal. What is the catch? Do they support Microsoft FrontPage which is my age old editor?

I will surely contact you again to keep up this discussion.

To answer your question, mum said what she meant by plantain fritters is dodo. Ipekere is made by slicing unripe plantain very thinly and frying the slices to produce some sort of biscuits.

Bye for now.

Sanya Oloruntoba 
39. On Adventure at Oko

Yinka wrote:


That is one of the most amazing stories we have ever heard! I have only one statement - ONLY IN NIGERIA! Thank God for his grace. In South Africa you would wait at least a week or 2 to get the car and they would charge you per hour. You will NEVER find a road side mechanic here that would have the skill to carry out such a repair. Kudos to the Amazing Mechanics of Oko (AMO)

Yinka and the Mo's
I agree with you Yinka. We often under rate the skill of our local roadside mechanics. They virtually keep the vehicles on our roads moving because the organised garages in the towns can't cope with the rural demands.



40. On Adventure at Oko, Bunmi wrote:

Dad, thanks for sharing this story with us. I recollect that we had  a similar breakdown in the middle of "nowhere" on the road between Lagos and Ilorin. Those were the days in which there were no cell phones and the driver of the car had to find his way to the nearest town to get help. We arrived home very late to meet a worried mum wondering what had happened!


Yes Bunmi, the advent of the cell phone contributed to the fun side of this adventure at Oko. Unlike the breakdown near Ogbomosho which you referred to, with our cell phones, we were able to get in touch with the folks in Ibadan and Ilorin, not to talk of the "minute by minute" reports from Akin to Yemisi in Nairobi, Kenya. At one stage, I had to admonish Akin not to cause Yemisi to panic.

Looking back, it was great fun because we were able to get away from Oko that night. Otherwise, the giant mosquitoes there would have taken a pint of blood from each of us!


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