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Nigerian Arts and Culture

Cultural and artistic diversity is a unique feature of Nigeria. When visitors travel from the South to the North or from the West to the East, they feel that they are passing through many countries. That is why our slogan is "Unity in Diversity". To preserve this unity is the challenging political problem facing the country since independence in 1960.

In this site we have written about all the topics listed on the right. Most of them are preserved in the Archive. In the last update we present a startling revelation that 75 per cent of African slaves taken to Europe and the Americas were Nigerians. This explained why most of the cultural activities practiced in those parts of the world were similar to those of Nigeria. Read the story here.


We also have a story about a Nigerian female drummer - Ara, the first female drummer of repute who has taken the "talking drum" to a whole new level. Her love for drumming dates back to her primary school days when she was the head drummer of her school.


 One thing that stands Africans out is the variety of hairstyles available. For a long time, unique hairstyles have continued to metamorphose from simple forms to elegant

masterpieces. Read Strictly African.


In this update we bring you two short articles highlighting fast changes in Nigerian women fashion. They are: Black Angel and Wearing Ankara.


A Nigerian novelist, Chinua Achebe will receive his 40th honorary degree from a Canadian university, the University of Toronto this June 2006. Read More


In the archive are:

1. A Nigerian Ballad - A Ballad from Nigeria's Midwest

2. Black Heritage - Festival at Badagry 

3. Egungun Festival - A festival celebrated in the Western Nigeria.

4. Esie Figurine - Mysterious Stone Collections

5. Jazz Ambassador - Cultural exchange between Nigeria and USA 

6. Learn to Play Ayo - A Traditional Nigerian Board Game

7. Nigerian Music -You can buy it on the Internet

8. The Story of Mero - Why girls should not choose husbands for themselves

9. The Tortoise -The Villain and Hero of Yoruba Folklore

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