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Collections 2: Personalities

1. Kanu, Nigeria's popular footballer, in Action!.

2. US Consulate Officer, Michael Honkey, dancing expertly to Nigeria music at MTN's Festival in Lagos. Photo: The Guardian of 28/3/03.

3. Obasanjo and Annan at the 59th UN Assembly, NY. Photo: The Guardian of 24/09/04.

4. Pa Jimoh Sobogun at 84, voting in Nigeria elections of 2003. Photo: Sam Olusegun.

5. Pope John Paul 1920-2005.  "He is a Tireless Advocate of Peace" says Kofi Annan, (UN SecGen). Photo in the Guardian of


6. 1991-1992 GSE TEAM of Rotary International from Missouri USA, to Rotary Clubs of District 9130. The team integrated very well with their Nigerian dresses.

These collections contain pictures of personalities from all walks of life: Sports, Diplomatic, Catholic, Rotary...

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