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Collections 4: Disasters and Relief

1. Niragongo volcano: Lava flowing at Goma in the Congo after the eruption of the volcano on 18/01/02. 2. A victim of Lagos bomb disaster on 27/01/02, collects his share of relief  materials. Photo: Femi Adebasin. 3. Militants in Niger Delta of Nigeria,  abducted 4 foreign oil workers. 19 days after, they were  released unharmed but disheveled. The president here welcomes them in Abuja. Photo: BusinessDayOnline, 31-1-06.
4. A different kind of disaster? South Korean women weeping after their country's defeat by Germany at the 2002 World Cup football semi-final. Photo: APP. 5. An awe inspiring photograph of the 2004 Tsunami disaster. Photo adapted from "Scotland on Sunday". 6.Thousands of chickens for burning at a farm in Kano State to prevent spread of avian flu which hit Nigerian poultry in February 2006. Photo: AFP.

Success and failure are part of life. Disasters are also part of life. The important thing is that man must be his brother's keeper by providing urgent and timely relief in disasters.

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