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Collections 6: A peep into the family albums (marriage times)

1. Moni weds Yinka, May 1990. Note the Nigerian dresses on show by both parents! 2. Another long forgotten picture from our album. Yemisi weds Akin, July 1984. 3. This is another of our best selections from Temi/Bimbo's wedding album. 
4. Bimbo weds Temi, April, 2005. They posed with some family members. 5. Grandma and and Grandma wedding picture, 1959. Grandpa was 31 then and Grandma 23. 6. Yetunde weds Thony as Dad gives her away! December 1992.

Weddings, thanksgiving and naming ceremonies are great social events in Nigeria. Both Nigerian dresses and the Western-style dresses  feature prominently on those occasions! Entry #5 is of special interest to our children and grand children.

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