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Here are the comments placed in our Guestbook or sent through email by our visitors. You'll find our feedback here too

We have created this page to provide a better feedback to our visitors. Most visitors to websites do not leave their  contact addresses when they sign the Guestbook. This is obviously a precaution against spammers. Nevertheless, without a return address, Webmasters are often in a dilemma to provide feedback to comments and enquiries. This page solves the problem by providing a place for visitors to return to and view any feedback provided by the Webmaster. This page also serves as an attraction to all visitors to find out what others are saying about the site.

Your Comments


1.  Salmaan -

Hello there, loved your website, which I discovered accidentally while looking for pictures of Nigeria. I used to be one of Yinkas two Pakistani roommates at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). Would love to get in touch with him. Hope he can contact me at <>  (Salmaan R).

Salmaan: I have sent this to Yinka. Hope he gets in touch with you.


2.  Charles Cingolani -

Just stopped by, Barnabas, for a visit. I just published The Butler Pennsylvania Poems in paperback format. Thanks for the encouragement you gave me to continue on writing those poems. Charles

Congratulations for publishing your poems in paperback. I plan to buy a copy.


3.  DayoAfon -

Give us detail news on the Nigeria elections.

Park, Tayo, Adewemimo, Akintade, DAyo Afon. Thank you all for visiting. We plan a bumper edition for Christmas. See you then.

4.  Tayo -

This is really interesting. I enjoyed the site and its family/cultural values. Bunmi (boombastic) this is a shout out from ur fellas back home.


5.   Adewemimo - <>  

Good work everyone. It’s a great way to know how everyone is doing. This is for Bombastic (Bunmi): You have not forgotten the dream. Next year at San Diego Con. Wemimo.  P. S. The Elevator - nice one.


6.  Park Dwayne Wheat  

I have enjoyed contact with you and just wanted to stop in and see your site. I stopped here first. 


7. Akin Ogunjobi

I am highly impressed by the vast improvement on your site. I’ll be looking forward to the day you host us on your website. Keep your good works up, its exciting.


8. Adaba

The site has been much improved. Keep it up. Happy New Year in advance

Thank you Adaba. We are trying to make the site better in every update. Happy new Year to you too.

9. Peace, From Blake Radio

Stopping by to spread some love. Very nice site and info. Peace (Neil).

Neil, thanks for sharing your music. We love it.


10. I Like The Ballad -(Charles).

Visited your website Dr. B. S.Oloruntoba and found it most interesting, especially the ballad. I am glad to have reached you so far away via Internet. The world is getting smaller. I was happy to hear that you read my poems about Butler, Pennsylvania…

Charles, I think I have replied to this. I am not updating my site as frequently as it should be done. I have to improve this. Thanks.


11. This Is A Wonderful Site - (Olu)

Just wrote to Yinka to find out how you are doing and he directed me to your website. This is a wonderful site. May the Lord bless you all real good.

Thanks Olu. We are well and coping with the home front. Things are changing for the better.

12. I Like Your Site - (Obi)

"I think your web page is really nice. Continue the good work of spreading information about Nigeria and your family value to people."

Obi, thanks for your comments and kind words. Unfortunately you left no address for a direct feedback.


13. Love Has No Boundaries – "Hi... I am an Indonesian and recently dating a Nigerian man. I still do not know yet about his ethnic group, so pls provide with general culture of each ethnic group, so that I can learn more about his homeland. Thank you. (Paula).

Paula, there are more than 400 ethnic groups in Nigeria. However, the major groups are the Igbo in the South Eastern part of the country; the Yoruba in the South Western and the Hausa/Fulani in the North. The Hausa/Fulani are predominantly Muslims while the rest are predominantly Christians. Arts and Culture are very similar throughout Africa. Similarly, the arts and culture of the Nigerian ethnic groups have some similarities even though the languages and religion are different. Nigerian men are very loving and care very much for their women folk and children. Finally Paula, “love knows no national boundaries".

14. The Site Is Terrific Dad –

(Bunmi in USA). The site is terrific Dad. Since I didn't bring family pictures, I've been using the site to show my friends over here what everyone in my family looks like.

Thanks Bunmi. We need to have your latest photos to show your friends how much you've Americanized.

15. I Love the Cartoon Gallery

(Akintade Ogunjobi).

Akin, thanks for visiting. Come again.

16. Fascinating Website - (Kolapo Said)

I must say indeed that this is one of the fascinating website I have visited so far and I am deeply impressed. I just dropped this note because it won’t be fair enough to visit a place like this without giving any comment. But better still I will write using your office address. I am an addict of PC World Nigeria. Cheers. NB my own website it’s on its way so feel free to check it out.

Thanks Kolapo. I'll visit the site when it is ready. If there is anything I can do to help do not hesitate to ask me. Cheers and God bless.

17. Charles -

Dear Barnabas, I stopped by to visit your web page on this last day of the year, 2001, and enjoyed reading all the news. Here is a greeting to wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year 2002 ... and God's blessing.

Thanks Charles. The same to you.


18. I Like Your Website -(odiaka)

I like your family website and wish you long life and prosperity. I come from Delta State of Nigeria and I work in the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan.

Thanks John, for visiting the Oloruntoba Family Website. We have placed you on our mailing list to receive our quarterly update newsletter. Our next update is due before Christmas. I was a Deputy Chairman of IITA Board when I was Federal Permanent Secretary of Agriculture in the late 70s. I therefore know IITA very well. All the best to you.

19. An Interesting Piece (Sule Ayinla)-

That is an interesting family site worthy of 'copying'. That you reside in Ilorin is also an interesting piece.

Thanks for visiting us. I have included you in our mailing list to receive our quarterly update newsletter. Thanks again.

20. Really Impressed (Wuraola)

I was really impressed with this website. I showed some of my American friends your recipes and we sure are going to try them out. I was wondering are you in any way related to the Oloruntobas of Chapel of Redemption? Again this website is really great Keep it

Thanks Wuraola. Dr. Joseph Oloruntoba of the Chapel of Redemption is my younger brother. You left no address in your comments and so we can't reply directly. Hope you come back to visit soon and to read this.

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