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21. Name: Harry Keuner

March 8 2005 - 05:50:51 


Comment: Hi, This is just a test.

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22.Name: Charles Cingolani

March 27 2005 - 17:12:30 



Comment: Congratulations Barnabas, your site is really up-to-date.  I often link in to keep up with your family doings.  You are always a welcome visitor at my site.  Greetings to you and your family from Butler, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Hi Charles,

Thanks for keeping our links open and thanks for your comments through my guestbook. We have just resumed work again after the long Easter holidays. It has been very refreshing to go away for the holidays.

I see you are away too in Butler. Regards from my family. Barnabas



23. Name: Adebanke

April 7 2005 - 15:22:08


Comment: I stumbled on to the site by accident this evening as I was surfing the internet, I must say I am very impressed with the site.  Not many family members stay a one big happy unit as yours.  Keep up the love.  God Bless.


Hello Adebanke,

Thanks for visiting the Oloruntoba Family Website. I appreciate your Kind comments. We are still working to improve the site.

Sanya Oloruntoba


24. Name: J L Frandsen

April 14, 2005
Comment: '”We believe that the 
understanding of the way of life of 
peoples around the world is one good 
way to preserve world peace’. I agree. 
100%. And I think you should 
have more pictures of your family 
in your gallery. I think I can 
relate to 'ordinary' people anywhere in 
the world, rather than politicians and 
celebrities. Good job on your web site. 
Hope you can keep it up.


Thanks for your comments. It is well taken and we shall be posting more pictures of ordinary folks from our local communities.



25. Hello from Orlando, USA! 

April 14, 2005

I saw your website on Langa List.  It is very impressive and your family is lovely.  I wish you had included some

Nigerian recipes.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks for your comments. The latest Nigerian recipe was not made ready by Dele my wife when we went to post. You will find it in the next update. Meanwhile, you'll find the old ones in the Site archive--



26. Vera Kervin

April 14, 2005

Just found your site on the Langa List, and have been reading through, and finding it very interesting.  I live on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada,  on Vancouver Island, a very wonderful place.  I am a Christian also, and that is what really drew me to your site.  We have had a couple of pastors from Ghana visit at our church in the last couple of months.  Just had to go, look up in an Atlas to see where Nigeria is, and see it is not too far from Ghana.  I have put your site in my "favorites" so that I can go back to it and read more about you as time goes on.  I see that your site is quite a few years old, so I likely have a lot to cover.  I am a 81 year old great grandmother.  Thank you again for your site.  

Hello Vera

   Thank you for visiting our family site. The web has made the whole world a small village and we are delighted to have you as a visitor. All visitors are automatically put on our mailing list to be informed of new updates.

   Ghana is very close to Nigeria and I have visited that beautiful country several times when I was working for my government. Now, at 77, I am fully retired and our website plus a weekly newsletter keeps me busy. My wife Dele is 70 and still doing merchandising of manufactured food products and domestic products. 

    Yes, my site was started in 2001 but all along I have been hosting it on free servers which, after all, are not so free as they advertise on the site. Through LangaList I found a host called <>. They are reasonably priced and have superb support. 

Thanks again.

Barnabas and Elizabeth (or Sanya and Dele

27. Subject: Title

April 14, 2005

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Email: It is unfortunate that you put "Nigerian" in the title of your site as, in these days of spam and scams, Nigerian conjures up a wicked picture of con artists, etc. You might want to use the word "African" rather in your site title. I know you're proud of your heritage, BUT, wrong perception can harm just about anything. Thanks for listening - Tom

Thanks Tom,

The world knows too much of Nigerian scammers or "419" and very little of the other good side of my country. One of the aims of our website is to correct some of that perception.



28. John Waddell, Sydney

April 14, 2005

Hi Friends

I found your web site when searching "family web sites". My congratulations to "Grandpa" for maintaining the site! How wonderful of you to do what so few grandparents in Australia are able to do - running a web site! I love your desire to exchange cultures, activities and interests.

You might like to visit my father's site (maintained by my brother). It's a fun site. Dad is 90 years old, but walks the streets of Sydney, Australia, each day. He has walked every street, lane, pathway and bush track in 143 Sydney suburbs, that's over 2000 kilometres, and photos of his unusual discoveries are at

Thank you for exchanging interests with us. I look forward to visiting your site again and learning more about Nigeria.


Thanks John,

I am 77 and my wife is 70. I have put your dad's site in my favourite folder and will be visiting it a lot in the coming days. Visitors to our site are automatically put in a list for sending notices of our new updates to the site. Thanks again.



29. Name: Cheryl    (Arkansas, USA)

April 14, 2005
comment: I found your website listed in Langalist 
and decided to check it out.  I'm very impressed 
with the way you have put it together and 
look forward to further entries as time passes.  
Very nice looking family and I know you are 

very proud of them all.  Bless you and yours.


Thank you for your comments. The site is still raw but we shall refine it as we go along.


April 15, 2005

Dear Barnabas,
Look forward to seeing your updated pics of your grandchildren and good luck with your site.
Tom (A Langalist reader).

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