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31. Alan Waddell


Dear Barnabas

It was so nice of you to take the trouble to contact me. Thank you for giving up your time to do that. I was shown your web site, and I want to say I was very happy to look at a Nigerian site! I hope you don't have many problems with violence there. We often hear that Lagos can be a hard place. I trust you will keep well and I look forward to seeing more of your site, Barnabas! Alan

Hello Alan,

I learnt about your site from your brother John Waddell and I have made several visits already. On each visit I can't help wondering how your 90 years old man can achieve such feat. But John explained it all - he has never smoked or had alcoholic drinks, and eats very little meat, but rather mainly fruit and vegetables. Amazing!


32. Charles

Date : 07.27.05

Email :

City : Butler, Pa.

Country : U.S.A.

Message: Hello there, Friends. I visited the updated site and found it excellent. I did have trouble getting the Guestbook to open. The address kept slipping from under my cursor arrow. I saw the special place you gave to my poetry and want to tell you how much I appreciate that. All the best to you and your family, Barnabas. Charles

Thanks Charles. Hope you find the Guestbook better now. If not I may migrate to Bravenet GB like yours.

33. BunBum
Date : 07.05.05

Message : Sure this is a much improved site, Dad.


Yes we are trying to improve the website to professional standard. You'll find interesting family photos in the new addition to the Photo Gallery. Show us off to your friends. Dad

34. Name : John
Date :
City: Ibadan

The choice of fonts for your site is incorrect. Please try to amend it.


Thank you for your visit. We have amended the fonts. If you find other defects please point them out to us. That is the only way we can improve our site.

35. Name: David Bodunde

Date: 30/10/2005

Location: Canada

Dear Sir,

My name is David Bodunde and I am Yinka's childhood friend. I don't know if you are Yinka's father but if you are you might know my Dad, he is Chief J.K Bodunde. From Kogi state (Iyara). I presently reside in Canada and would very much like to get in touch with Yinka. If you can, could you please give him my e-mail address or just forward this mail to him I would be eternally grateful. We need to catch up on old times.

Hope to hear from him soon

Hi Yinka,

A former school mate of yours got in touch with us to ask for your email address. He is David Bodunde living in Canada. I can't recollect him among your many friends and school mates but we know his father Chief J K Bodunde, former Chief Information Officer at the Federal level when we were in Lagos. You probably can't remember him. Over to you!!


David Bodunde

We've forwarded your email to Yinka and you should hear from him soon.

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