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Collections 8: A peep into the family albums (conference times)

1.  Bunmi doing his presentation at the Popular Culture conference, USA, 2005.

2.  Yinka took time off to visit Bunmi in the US (Sept'05). Here they are in Bunmi's apartment. "They live well in the US" he said.

3.  Part of the audience at the Popular Culture Conference listened attentively to Bunmi's presentation.

4. Yinka with other doctors and friends at the SIGN conference in the USA, September 2005. 

5. Grandma at the  Unilever Plc Distributor's Western Regional Conference - Sept. 2005.  

6. Yinka at the SIGN conference in the USA, 2005.

 These are some of the pictures taken at professional conferences attended in September 2005 in the USA by Yinka and Bunmi. Oh, Grandma still attend conferences too!

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